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How to Find US-Based Morgellons Disease Support Groups

Fighting Morgellons disease can be a lonely battle. Because it is not a well-known condition, it can be difficult to find support. However, in the U.S. alone, there are more than 20,000 cases of Morgellons. That means that it is possible for you to get support from other Morgellons patients. If you’re looking for a connection with another fellow Morgellons sufferer, the internet is your best friend. With some searching, you can discover if there are in-person Morgellons disease support groups near you. If not, there are many online resources for Morgellons awareness as well. Here are some tips on where to head first.

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What To Do If You Have Morgellons Disease In The American Health Care System

Suffering from any disease can be unnerving, especially when it comes to the U.S. health care system with its notoriously high costs and stringent insurance protocols. But for people with Morgellons disease, the onset of this particular disorder can create a whole host of issues separate from the debilitating effects of the disease itself. The main issue is that Morgellons isn’t formally recognized by any official health care body in America or abroad. Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducting numerous tests in the late 2010s, they could find no specific cause for the disease, with a number of results coming back inconclusive. Despite this, thousands upon thousands of patients across the world report suffering from the disease, a number that keeps increasing with every passing year. So what exactly can you do to further your case when you suffer from a disease that isn’t officially recognized by the health care system?

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What Time of Year Are Ticks Most Prevalent in America?

Want to keep your family safe from getting bitten by ticks? It’s important that you’re taking steps to protect them all year round. There are differences between when ticks are most active, so read on for all the info you’ll need about when ticks are the most prevalent and what you should do to prevent yourself from getting bitten.

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6 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Often Goes Undetected in the U.S.

Cases of Lyme disease that go undetected and untreated can end up wreaking havoc on a person’s health. There can be more severe symptoms that greatly impact someone’s ability to get treatment and to recover. Here are six common reasons why Lyme disease can go untreated.  Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Often Goes Undetected in the U.S.”

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Morgellons Disease In The USA: This Mysterious Illness Explained

In the pantheon of human diseases, there are more than a few strange disorders that we’re unfortunately susceptible to as a species. Morgellons disease, however, must fall near the top. Many people have never heard of this bizarre condition, which currently stands at the fringes of contemporary medicine; however, it’s becoming more and more visible thanks to intense research on behalf of grassroots organizations like the Charles E. Holman Foundation, whose objective is to find a cause and ultimately treatment for this disturbing disorder. Morgellons disease isn’t a life-threatening illness, but the symptoms can be so persistent and debilitating that many patients find themselves utterly crippled by it. This suffering is compounded by the fact that many doctors don’t believe that Morgellons is a real condition, and will often try to convince their patients that they’re suffering from some kind of delusional disorder. So what exactly is this strange disorder that seems to half-exist, and what are the symptoms? Continue reading “Morgellons Disease In The USA: This Mysterious Illness Explained”