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3 Ways Lyme Disease Can Damage The Pulmonary System

Lyme disease is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious major diseases on the planet. Even as it approaches pandemic levels of cases all over the world, many of its machinations remain elusive to patients and doctors alike. It is unprecedented to have such little visibility on such a widespread, debilitating disorder. Take cancer, for instance: no, we have not found a permanent, reliable cure for cancer as of 2019, but we know how it works and how to correctly diagnose it. When it comes to Lyme, both of those areas prove problematic.

Lyme poses issues all over the body, often starting out as a generalized set of symptoms, which are possibly not even severe. However, over time, these symptoms can worsen and become dangerous, which is why correct diagnosis is so paramount. One of the danger areas that Lyme can infect is the pulmonary system, otherwise known as the respiratory system.

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