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Identifying Lyme Disease: Why “The Great Imitator” Is So Hard To Diagnose

Many people have heard of Lyme disease, but only a few can actually explain what it is and how the symptoms work. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include the vast majority of medical professionals, most of whom are still very much in the dark when it comes to Lyme. Most people know that you can only catch the disease from tick bites, but will dismiss it as an entirely East Coast phenomenon, only dangerous if you happen to go hiking in the deep woods of Connecticut or Maine. In reality, Lyme is a lot more dangerous and insidious than people believe, and one of the main problems confronting both patients and doctors alike is the lack of a stringent diagnosis. But why exactly is Lyme so hard to diagnose, and how can we solve this problem? Continue reading “Identifying Lyme Disease: Why “The Great Imitator” Is So Hard To Diagnose”