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The Emergence of Morgellons: A Lyme Co-Infection?

Ever since its discovery in 2001, Morgellons has been a genuine medical mystery. In fact, some medical professionals still believe it wasn’t discovered at all, and that it’s an entirely fabricated disease, or at least a mental disorder masquerading as a genuine physical condition. But for the hundreds of thousands of Morgellons sufferers out there, this is simply not good enough. For them, the disease is very, very real, with extremely debilitating physical effects, as well as mental ones. Since 2001, more and more Morgellons patients have emerged, talking to online communities in the absence of any form of official legitimization. Although the true cause, and to a certain extent, treatment of Morgellons remains a mystery, recent research is beginning to suggest that it’s a coinfection of chronic Lyme disease. Continue reading “The Emergence of Morgellons: A Lyme Co-Infection?”