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Can Lyme Disease Cause An Allergy To The Cold?

Lyme disease can throw up all kinds of confusing symptoms. This is especially true in its chronic form, which has earned it the nickname “The Great Imitator.” Lyme represents a major challenge for both patients and doctors alike. On the one hand, late-stage Lyme disease has no defined set of symptoms, with most manifestations of the disease being generalized and patient-specific. On the other hand, chronic Lyme is not considered a legitimate disorder by most official medical bodies, meaning that research and studies on the effects of the disease are limited.

Many doctors don’t fully understand the effects of chronic Lyme, and as such, diagnosis is often compromised due to confusing symptoms. One of these disparate symptoms is called cold urticaria, which essentially translates an allergy to the cold. But can Lyme disease cause urticaria?

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Which Organs Can Be Affected By Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is an illness brought on by the Borrelia bacterium. It is spread to humans through tick bites. When ticks get hold of humans, they transfer the disease through the bloodstream, sending the bacteria to all areas of the body. Lyme disease became known and studied in the early 80s, but some fossilized ticks have been known to have carried the bacteria from as long as 15 million years ago.

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Can Lyme Disease Cause Acid Reflux?

Lyme disease causes all sorts of disparate symptoms in its chronic form. The problem of continued misdiagnosis is extremely prevalent, despite there being an estimated 300,000 new cases of Lyme every year. Chronic Lyme is not recognized as an official disease, which certainly compounds the problem; however, the issue runs deeper than that. Chronic Lyme symptoms are so varied and patient-specific that many medical professionals won’t even consider Lyme as a possible cause, simply because it covers so much ground. This can prolong patients’ suffering and increase the instances of misdiagnosis.

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3 Ways Lyme Disease Can Damage The Pulmonary System

Lyme disease is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious major diseases on the planet. Even as it approaches pandemic levels of cases all over the world, many of its machinations remain elusive to patients and doctors alike. It is unprecedented to have such little visibility on such a widespread, debilitating disorder. Take cancer, for instance: no, we have not found a permanent, reliable cure for cancer as of 2019, but we know how it works and how to correctly diagnose it. When it comes to Lyme, both of those areas prove problematic.

Lyme poses issues all over the body, often starting out as a generalized set of symptoms, which are possibly not even severe. However, over time, these symptoms can worsen and become dangerous, which is why correct diagnosis is so paramount. One of the danger areas that Lyme can infect is the pulmonary system, otherwise known as the respiratory system.

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Can Lyme Disease Cause Changes In Your Personality?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that can be contracted by a variety of animals, humans included. The tick is a small insect that burrows into the skin of the host and bites. If the tick is carrying the Borrelia bacterium, its saliva, which holds the bacteria, releases it into the host’s bloodstream, leading to an infection. While not all tick bites put a person at risk for Lyme disease, during certain times of the year – typically the warmer spring and summer months – it’s important when venturing into the woods and other green areas to take precautions.

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