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How Long COVID Is Changing The Perception Of Persistent Lyme

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, medical professionals and researchers have begun to notice that recovering from COVID is not as simple as recovering from many other viral infections. The initial symptoms that occur while someone is infected, such as a fever, cough, and fatigue, are all expected – but what many people are still unaware of are the aftereffects of COVID-19.

The fact that certain symptoms can stick around long after recovery from an illness is not a new revelation, though. People who have had Lyme disease know all too well that getting over the initial infection is not always the end of the battle, and people with long COVID are learning this as well. But what is long COVID, exactly? And what does it have to do with Lyme disease?

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Why T-Cell Testing Is Necessary For Long-Term Approach To Coronavirus

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, medical researchers and scientists were put to the test when it came to finding a solution that kept the spread and the rate of serious illness down as much as possible. The first choice for doing so was developing an effective vaccine that could be given to as many people as possible in the hopes that it would prevent the long-term spread and infection rates. Now that the vaccines have been rolled out, there is a bit more breathing room to develop other forms of testing and management techniques when it comes to COVID-19.

One such testing route that has been making headlines recently is T-cell testing. T-cell testing can be used to help track and evaluate how well vaccines are working, as well as immunity rates across populations that have been most heavily affected. It could also be used to determine just how long a vaccine will be effective for. But what is T-cell testing, exactly? And how is it going to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

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Is Chronic Fatigue A Symptom Of Long COVID?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world as we knew it in 2020. The entire globe was put on hold to help curb the spread of the virus, and luckily, for many countries, the numbers are steadily lessening in 2021.The rollout of various vaccines that began in early 2021 has also been a great help in curbing the spread and mortality rate of the virus. In the United States alone, close to half the population is now fully vaccinated against COVID.

That’s the good news when it comes to the global pandemic. However, there still may be some bad news for those who have contracted and recovered from the initial illness. As it turns out, COVID-19 can leave a lasting impression on the body, and many people are experiencing symptoms of what is now referred to as “long COVID”.

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How To Test For COVID-19 Antibodies After Receiving An mRNA Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a stronghold on the world for over a year. With rising death tolls and lockdown measures cycling in many places, the race to develop a vaccine has been the top priority. When the mRNA vaccines were developed and then made available to many members of the public, including vulnerable populations and frontline workers, many saw it as a light at the end of a year-long tunnel.

Many people are still wary of these new vaccines, though. This is mainly due to misunderstandings of how vaccines work, how they keep the body safe from the virus, and the potential side effects that may occur following their vaccination. So, how do vaccines really work? Here’s what you need to know about them, and how to test for COVID-19 antibodies after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine or any of the others coming to market.

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Infectolab - mass testing for coronavirus

5 Reasons Why Mass Testing For Coronavirus Should Be A Government Priority

With over a million lives lost, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a devastating impact on the world. As of writing, the death rate from total cases sits at 2.8%. This fact has put many things into perspective when it comes to managing the spread of the virus. One of the best ways to slow community spread is through contract tracing, and that can only be done effectively in conjunction with mass testing.

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