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16 Tell-Tale Symptoms Of Long COVID

Long COVID, also known as post-acute sequelae SARS-CoV-2 infection or PASC, occurs when symptoms of COVID-19 or other health complications persist long after a person has recovered from the initial infection. While not everyone who has COVID will develop long-haul symptoms, research has found that over half of the population that previously became infected with the virus will experience some symptoms post-COVID.

With so many people suffering from these long-term effects, it’s beginning to become clearer what tell-tale signs there are to look out for following recovery from the viral infection. Just as COVID seems to affect many systems of the body, so does long COVID, and people with the disorder can develop symptoms that impact various areas of their health. So, what are the most common tell-tale signs that you have long COVID?

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Long COVID Test A Possibility After Rogue Antibodies Detected In Patients With Persistent Symptoms

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our understanding of the disease was minimal at best. Because it was new to medical scientists, the way it operated within humans, how it infiltrated the body, and the way it affected survivors was all but theory until enough evidence was gathered. Two years in, that evidence has found that not only are survivors equipped with antibodies against the virus, but some are also suffering from a condition known as long COVID.

Until recently, diagnosing long COVID was based on examining people who had recovered from the virus, yet remained plagued with lingering symptoms. That may all change now, though, as medical researchers have discovered something interesting in the blood of patients suffering long-term consequences of the infection. Because of this, a new test may be possible to help identify past infections and diagnose long COVID cases in those who continue to suffer from symptoms.

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people wearing masks during covid

Relevance Of Viral Load On Severity Of COVID Symptoms

Since 2020, medical professionals across the globe have been tirelessly investigating all there is to know about COVID-19. From the viral load and how the disease is passed on through communities to the factors that increase the risk of severe illness, researchers have been synthesizing information that could aid in slowing the spread and lowering the death toll.

While there is still much we do not fully understand about COVID-19, including how it affects people differently and why, there are some new studies shining light on the viral load and its possible connection to severe COVID-19 cases. So what is the relevance of viral load in the severity of COVID symptoms, exactly?

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