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LymeSpot: Our Unique Diagnostic Method

When it comes to Lyme disease, one of the biggest hurdles to successful treatment is the lack of accurate testing. Diagnosis in the acute stage is relatively more simple than the chronic stage; in the former, the patient will usually present with flu-like symptoms and a bullseye rash, which is a prime indicator of Lyme. Once this distinctive symptom has been brought to a doctor’s attention, successful treatment is a matter of course. However, if the acute stage develops into the chronic stage, testing and diagnosis gets a lot more complicated. The traditional test for chronic Lyme is the ELISA and Western Blot, which tests for the presence of antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi on. However, the LymeSpot, utilized by BCA-clinic in Germany and Infectolab in the U.S., is a much more precise tool, and a better option for patients and doctors alike.

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6 Important Symptoms to Report to Your Doctor If You Think You Might Have Lyme Disease

If you think you may have been bitten by a tick, it’s imperative that you track any symptoms or physical changes in your body to find out if you might have contracted Lyme disease. Read on for the six most important symptoms to report to your physician.

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5 Symptoms of Lyme Disease That Often Get Misdiagnosed

Because Lyme disease shares many symptoms with other medical conditions, patients are often misdiagnosed with other diseases. With incorrect diagnoses of ailments like multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression, many people with Lyme disease do not receive the proper treatment they need to get better. This can be even more detrimental to the patient’s health because their Lyme disease symptoms can actually get progressively worse without the appropriate treatment protocol. Here’s a look at the five symptoms of Lyme disease that most often get misdiagnosed.

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6 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Often Goes Undetected in the U.S.

Cases of Lyme disease that go undetected and untreated can end up wreaking havoc on a person’s health. There can be more severe symptoms that greatly impact someone’s ability to get treatment and to recover. Here are six common reasons why Lyme disease can go untreated.  Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Often Goes Undetected in the U.S.”

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Identifying Lyme Disease: Why “The Great Imitator” Is So Hard To Diagnose

Many people have heard of Lyme disease, but only a few can actually explain what it is and how the symptoms work. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include the vast majority of medical professionals, most of whom are still very much in the dark when it comes to Lyme. Most people know that you can only catch the disease from tick bites, but will dismiss it as an entirely East Coast phenomenon, only dangerous if you happen to go hiking in the deep woods of Connecticut or Maine. In reality, Lyme is a lot more dangerous and insidious than people believe, and one of the main problems confronting both patients and doctors alike is the lack of a stringent diagnosis. But why exactly is Lyme so hard to diagnose, and how can we solve this problem? Continue reading “Identifying Lyme Disease: Why “The Great Imitator” Is So Hard To Diagnose”