Does Having Epstein-Barr Make You Immunocompromised?

The immune system is designed to protect you from illness and disease. When it works as it should, the body is kept healthy and relatively safe from various pathogens. However, some things can cause the immune system to malfunction. From not eating the right foods to leading a sedentary lifestyle and missing out on precious sleep, there is no shortage of lifestyle factors associated with weakened immunity. Environmental risks can also cause the immune system to run poorly, including viruses like Epstein-Barr. But does having Epstein-Barr make you immunocompromised?  

Research has long examined what being immunocompromised means, how it affects health, and what causes it. To date, there are some answers to all these questions – but some things are still a mystery. Recent data surrounding the Epstein-Barr virus has painted a picture of its connection to autoimmune disease and immunocompromised individuals. But does it cause a person’s immune system to falter, or is there more to the story than that?

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