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Tick-Borne Infections In Pregnancy: Overview & Outcomes

Getting bitten by a tick isn’t always a cause for concern, because not all ticks contain infectious bacteria. However, many do, so if you are bitten, you may be at risk of contracting Lyme disease. Lyme can be debilitating because of the way the bacteria infiltrates the body, hiding out in tissues and causing damage over the long term.

Understandably, when a person is pregnant, they may wonder if getting a tick-borne infection can harm their unborn child. Research has investigated the impact that Lyme disease can have on both the child as well as the person carrying the baby. While the serious repercussions of Lyme disease spreading to the unborn child are rare, there are some things those expecting should be aware of when it comes to tick-borne infections in pregnancy. 

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How Chronic Exposure To Aspergillus Mold Can Exacerbate Lyme Disease Symptoms

Aspergillus is a type of fungus whose spores hang in the air and can end up getting breathed into the body. It’s usually not dangerous to breathe in aspergillus spores, but it can be. For people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, a weak immune system, or even something as simple as allergies that affect how the lungs operate, chronic exposure to aspergillus spores can lead to a disease called invasive aspergillosis.

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How Do You Test For Candidiasis?

In order to run optimally, the human body requires a lot of different processes to occur. Vitamins, nutrients, fungus, and bacteria are just a few of the things that live inside the body for the sole purpose of keeping all its systems operating at their best.

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