Can EBV Turn Into Lupus?

Viral infections are common. But did you know we can contract various types of viruses without even knowing? While there are possible symptoms associated with most virus-driven illnesses, the immune system can sometimes fight so well that people don’t feel any changes in their bodies. Because of that, when these kinds of viruses spread, they can do so quickly and easily. Once a person contracts certain types of these viral infections, the virus can also lay dormant in the body for the rest of their lives. In these cases, the spread may be lower, but not nonexistent.

One virus that has afflicted most of the world’s population due to its low symptoms, high spread rate, and ability to lay dormant is the Epstein-Barr virus. But what is Epstein-Barr, exactly? And does it have a link to other diseases – can EBV turn into lupus, for example? Read on to learn more.

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