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LymeSpot: Our Unique Diagnostic Method

When it comes to Lyme disease, one of the biggest hurdles to successful treatment is the lack of accurate testing. Diagnosis in the acute stage is relatively more simple than the chronic stage; in the former, the patient will usually present with flu-like symptoms and a bullseye rash, which is a prime indicator of Lyme. Once this distinctive symptom has been brought to a doctor’s attention, successful treatment is a matter of course. However, if the acute stage develops into the chronic stage, testing and diagnosis gets a lot more complicated. The traditional test for chronic Lyme is the ELISA and Western Blot, which tests for the presence of antibodies against borrelia burgdorferi on. However, the LymeSpot, utilized by BCA-clinic in Germany and Infectolab in the U.S., is a much more precise tool, and a better option for patients and doctors alike.

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4 Signs You Should Ask Your Doctor for a Lyme Test

Many of us aren’t very good at going to the doctor at the best of times; apart from the hypochondriacs among us, most normal people usually put off a trip to the doctors until it’s absolutely necessary. Although we all know we should go as soon as we notice a symptom, many times, it’s easier to let it slide until it can’t be ignored. Occasionally, this kind of attitude can have very serious consequences for our health, as if we let things go for too long, they have a chance to expand into our systems, sometimes without us even knowing about it. This is exactly what happens with Lyme disease, a controversial disorder that has currently infected hundreds of thousands of Americans in every state but Hawaii. Continue reading “4 Signs You Should Ask Your Doctor for a Lyme Test”