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Why Maine Is The Worst State For Lyme Disease

Although Lyme disease is a prevalent disorder all over America, and has turned up cases in every mainland state, the North East is particularly associated with Lyme – and with good reason: it’s a hotbed of deer ticks, the insects that are the sole transmitters of Lyme-inducing bacteria. The disease is becoming something of an epidemic as it’s so difficult to treat properly and diagnose, and while it was previously thought that you could only contract Lyme by visiting certain states, it’s now known that you can contract it anywhere in the U.S., making it all the more dangerous for citizens everywhere. On top of that, the “North East exclusivity” myth makes it harder for doctors in other parts of the country to diagnose Lyme, as they don’t consider it when approaching the symptoms. Despite this, there’s no smoke without fire; a recent poll put Maine as the number one worst state for Lyme disease.

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Which States Are Most At Risk for Tick Bites?

An increasing number of ticks and other vector-borne disease cases have been reported in the US in the last several years. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there were more than 640,000 cases between 2004 and 2016. Diseases from ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas actually tripled during that time period. Although mosquitoes pass on more diseases, ticks can cause conditions (such as Lyme disease) that are debilitating, difficult to diagnose, and challenging to treat. Here’s a look at which states are the most at risk for tick bites. Continue reading “Which States Are Most At Risk for Tick Bites?”

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Which State Has the Highest Percentage of Lyme?

While Lyme was previously considered an entirely Northeastern phenomenon, the bad news for U.S. citizens everywhere is that it has spread to all 49 states of the American mainland, excluding Hawaii. This is a concerning increase of a very dangerous disease that is yet to be taken seriously by the majority of medical professionals all over the country. Many people are still uninformed about the perils of Lyme disease, especially chronic Lyme, which can mutate and transform its symptoms as it entrenches itself deeper in the patient’s body, sometimes laying dormant for years before finally emerging. Continue reading “Which State Has the Highest Percentage of Lyme?”