Tick-Borne Diseases & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Exposure to chemicals affects people in different ways. Some substances cause no adverse effects, while others can be utterly toxic to humans – even in small amounts. 

Typically, these more dangerous chemicals are blatantly marked. People are made aware to avoid them altogether or to wear protective gear if avoidance isn’t possible. However, when a person is more sensitive to chemical exposure, it can be challenging to come into contact with even mild and non-toxic chemicals. 

Intolerance to certain chemicals is usually marked by accompanying symptoms such as a skin rash or other allergy-type signs. However, some cases of low-level chemical exposure can cause a person to experience multiple symptoms. When that happens, it is referred to as multiple chemical sensitivity disease (MCS). But what exactly is MCS, and what connection does it have with tick-borne diseases?  

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