Can Lyme Cause Mold Sensitivity?

Various factors play a role in human health and wellness. What a person consumes, what they’re exposed to, and how they handle illnesses all determine their overall level of health. 

In many cases, people contend with several infections throughout their lives that are mild and leave no lasting impression. In other instances, however, those infections can be severe and cause long-term consequences. 

In the case of Lyme disease and mold toxicity, both outcomes are possible. The two conditions, although caused by pathogens, are not the same – but are they connected in any way? Can Lyme cause mold sensitivity? Let’s investigate. 

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Does Mold Cause Inflammation In The Body?

The health of the human body depends on a variety of different factors. The environment, the food a person eats, and the amount of movement they get all plays a vital role in overall health. In some cases of environment, the home a person lives in can affect their health. That is especially true if their home has hidden mold. So does mold cause inflammation in the body?

Mold is a fungal growth that can take on many forms. For example, some types of cheese contain mold designed to enhance flavor. Typically, this mold is acceptable for consumption and overall health. However, other types, such as black mold, can harm people’s health if they inhale the spores. But how can harmful molds in the home environment cause inflammation? Read on to learn more.

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Psychiatric Symptoms Of Mold Toxicity

The environment plays a prominent role in overall health. Many facets of the environment can affect how well a person’s body functions and whether or not they experience chronic disease. Air pollution, external toxins, and even mold in the air can make or break one’s health. Mold is a significant contributor to adverse health effects in many people, especially if they’re experiencing mold exposure regularly. But what about psychiatric symptoms of mold toxicity?

While long-term mold exposure can compromise bodily health, the health of the brain and the mind can also be negatively affected. That is because a person can eventually experience mold toxicity when they have been around mold for extended periods. But what is mold toxicity, exactly? And how can it affect mental and neurological health? Read on to learn more.

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Will Mold Exposure Show Up In Bloodwork?

Mold is a form of fungus that thrives in warm and damp areas. In homes, mold can grow in places where these conditions are met, such as in bathrooms, basements, or even behind drywall on the home’s wooden frame if it gets wet. Mold can often go undetected because of where it grows, so mold exposure can occur to people without them even realizing it. 

While mold exposure can harm your health, that’s not always the case. There are various types of mold, some of which are considered toxic. Even so, not all people will experience the effects of mold exposure. For example, one person may feel ill while another experiences no symptoms. 

So what are the adverse effects of mold exposure, exactly? And will mold exposure show up in bloodwork? 

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What Are The Symptoms Of Mold Toxicity?

Mold is a fungus that can be found almost everywhere – outside your home, inside your home, and in the air. Mold travels around in spores, and in those spores are chemicals known as mycotoxins. When these are released into the air, they can make their way into the body via inhalation, through the skin, or on contaminated food.

Environmental mold doesn’t typically cause health problems, and those with regular immune function rarely have to worry about being exposed to mold or mold toxicity. But what are the symptoms of mold toxicity? And how do you know if you have it? Read on to find out.

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