Can Lyme Disease Affect Your Vision?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by the borrelia bacteria. When a person is bitten and fed on by a tick carrying the bacteria, it transfers into the bloodstream and then makes its way throughout the body. Because of its ability to evade detection, the borrelia bacteria can easily make its way into tissues, joints, and organs.

In some cases, catching a Lyme infection early and treating it with antibiotics is enough to rid the bacteria from the body. However, other times people aren’t so lucky, and they end up with persistent symptoms that last for months or even years after they’ve come into contact with the bacteria. Lyme disease is complex, and because of this, medical scientists are still unsure why some people can fully recover while others deal with lingering symptoms long after treatment. So what areas can Lyme impact? Can Lyme disease affect your vision?

Read on to learn more about Lyme disease and its symptoms, including how it can affect your eyesight.

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