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4 Daily Gentle Stretches To Keep You Moving And Your Joints Mobilized In Winter

Dealing with joint pain and stiffness is difficult at any point in the year, but research has shown that the winter months are usually even more so because cold weather affects arthritic conditions. While cold weather doesn’t cause arthritis in and of itself, it can be an exacerbating factor for many people with joint pain and stiffness driven by arthritic conditions.

There are several reason why cold weather affects joint pain. One is barometric pressure; when pressure is low, joint tissues expand and nerves become irritated. This leads to an increase in pain. While there isn’t much you can do to escape cold weather, adding some gentle stretches to your daily routine in the colder months can lessen the effects of cold weather on the joints. Read on to learn about some daily gentle stretches to keep you and your joints moving in winter.

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Are Lyme Disease Symptoms Worse In Winter?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 30,000 people are infected with Lyme disease each year. However, that number is estimated to be much higher (as high as 475,000 cases). The reason for the vast difference in statistics is likely due to the way national surveillance records the cases – the smaller number of cases is simply what is reported to the CDC, not the exact total number of cases documented.

Either way, too many people are affected by the disease in the US, especially considering the long-term consequences of Lyme disease and the dire strain it can put on a person’s health. With Lyme disease, many people often experience symptoms that mimic other conditions and can last long after treatment. These symptoms have the potential to be debilitating. But does the season affect how severe Lyme disease can be? Are Lyme disease symptoms worse in winter? Let’s investigate.

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Do Winter Ticks Carry Lyme Disease?

When people think of tick season, they tend to picture warm days spent hiking in the woods. While spring and summer are typically referred to as “tick season,” the truth is that ticks can be active all year round. This is because there are many different types of ticks that thrive in different conditions.

For example: the black-legged tick is mainly thought to be active during the warmer seasons, but can survive in temperatures that are just above freezing. Other types of ticks – mainly the Gulf Cost tick and the Lone Star tick – are also both fairly active in the winter months.

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How To Keep Your Viral Load In Check During Flu Season

Chronic viral conditions can be hard to cope with, especially when cold and flu season rolls around. People with viral conditions such as EBV or HIV have to pay closer attention to their immune function and overall health than those without any preexisting conditions, as they are more susceptible to immune dysfunction and the serious repercussions that can come with having a compromised immune system.

Different factors come into play for those with preexisting conditions at risk of coming down with a serious case of the flu during the winter season, but one particular factor is of the utmost importance: the viral load.

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